How to choose the right size tee?

How do I know what size t-shirt will fit me best?

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Buying a t-shirt that fits is very important to us, so we have written this article to help you make an informed decision about how to choose a t-shirt that best fits you.

Don't Make This Common Mistake

When you choose a t-shirt to purchase online, it is NOT the same as buying in a department store, where you can try the shirt in store or hold it up to your chest to get a gauge of the size. When you buy online this is not possible.

The biggest mistake some make is to just buy the size they do for all their t-shirts. For example, "I am always an extra large”, so they buy an XL. This can be a mistake.

We Use Half Chest Measurements

To make sure you choose the correct t-shirt size, and fit into the garment you purchase, we supply a size chart for every garment we sell online. This will show you what the size of the t-shirt will be.

The main measurement we use is the measurement called half chest. This is not your physical chest measurement; this is the width of the actual t-shirt.

How To Choose Your Size

1. Lay your favourite t-shirt down flat

2. Measure across one side, under the arms

3. Check the size chart to match your size

So that is the basic idea, but here are all the little details.

The easiest way to get the best shirt that fits you well and so you will not be surprised when you purchase is to measure your favourite t-shirt — one that fits you perfectly.

Lay it down on a flat surface and measure across the body under the arms from side seam to side seam.

Don’t stretch it, but make sure it is fairly flat; we want to get a fairly accurate measurement of half the chest to match our size chart.

The half chest measurement is the distance on the garment from side-to-side, armpit-to-armpit, around one side of the shirt. Not around the entire garment.

When you have this measurement from your favourite tee, use it to choose the correct size from your preferred style.

If your favourite shirt measures 56cm from arm-pit to arm-pit, then choose the size in the chart that comes closest to this measurement. It’s that easy.

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