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Even though Keswick Island is only 32 km from Mackay, sometimes it can be challenging to organise transfers depending on what's currently happening at the time you wish to visit. It's a good idea to book your transfers ahead of time and where possible, to be as flexible as possible.

Close to the time you're intending to travel to Keswick Island, check the weather here » St Bees Island is right next to Keswick, so it's fairly accurate.

Because we're literally a small rock in the middle of the Coral Sea, inclement weather can be a mitigating factor. So firstly, before you decide which transfer option suits your budget, you'll need to consider what happens if it's pouring rain and the boat is postponed or the wind's blowing a gale! Ask the transfer company what policies they have in place and consider making contingency plans just in case. 😉

Keswick Explorer - $80/one way

Keswick Explorer is a small charter ferry that can carry up to 12 people. The trip takes ~1 hour and you can bring a couple of bags with you. Supplies cost extra. It usually departs from the Mackay Marina at 10.00 am on Mondays and Fridays. (Please note: Departure times can change due to weather. To be safe, always check with management beforehand.) A smaller vessel will transfer you to shore on Keswick Island and management can take passengers to the house where they're staying when prior arrangements are made.

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Wildcat Mackay - $80 one way

Wildcat is a state-of-the-art catamaran that started operation in Mackay in December 2021 that can hold up to 40 passengers. It runs regular day trips out to the surrounding islands and can transfer passengers to and from Keswick Island on the way. Depending on where you're planning to stay, you may need to organise a pickup or drop off to or from Wildcat to shore in a soft-sided zodiac. (Please note: Keswick Island Management will carry out tender transfers with prior notice for $10/pp each way. Please email [email protected] to book transfers.)

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If you're planning to holiday on Keswick Island for seven nights, then this option will suit you!

Depart Mackay on Saturday morning to Keswick Island and join the Wildcat Island Tour the following Sunday morning before returning to Mackay. $269/pp in total. This is a nice option to consider when you're leaving on other days as well if you have the time to explore the Whitsunday islands around Keswick Island as well 😉

(Please note: A minimum of ten people are required for Wildcat to operate subject to weather & marine conditions.)

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Horizon Airways - $600 one way

Horizon Airways provides a charter flight service to Keswick Island. It only takes ~12 minutes and you can be sure of getting a full dose of the "Wow!" factor. If you let them know you're willing to share the back leg of the flight, you may be able to get your leg for half price. Their Cessna 172 can carry three passengers and some freight up to ~250kg altogether.

If you plan to travel either way via Horizon Airways, the trip price can be reduced to $310 one way if you can organise someone else to book the other leg. Firstly, do let Horizon know you are happy to share the empty leg of the flight. Then please feel free to message me through this support desk with details of your flight and mobile number so I can email a list of regular flyers to let them know a flight share is available.

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Whitsunday Helicopters - $1300 one way

If you want to reach Keswick Island in air-conditioned comfort the scenic way, then this is the option for you. Transfers are $250 p/p one way when there are passengers on each leg (min. 5), or $1300 to charter. Freight limits are 25kg per person. This equates to one soft-sided carry on bag for luggage and 2-3 shopping bags for groceries.

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